What’s that Cost: The Federal Budget and You

Posted on June 19, 2012 by Haymaker

So much has changed since last we wrote about our little Federal Budget project. This project has gained a title and seen lots of different iterations. We’ve done a few private performance drafts for friends and collaborators attempting to hone what we want to say about the budget and how we want to say it. Sadly, the actual octopus got cut a few drafts ago.

During the course of all these re-writes, we’ve learned a ton about the Federal Budget and the economy and about America. And we’ve also learned about how much we didn’t know and how much is left to know.

And we’ve learned what excites us the most about this project. The whole structure of the Budget – for us, at least – is about fight or flight and that our basic nature is to try to corral chaos with organization. Revolutionary? Maybe not, but how to communicate this to an audience has been an exciting challenge for us.

The epiphany for us came when we layered fear onto the Budget itself. “Defense.” “Social Security.” “Health and Human Services.” We observed that the budget was more about protection than progress, and we began to ask what were we protecting ourselves from. This is not the total point of the production, but a glimpse for sure.

We’re anxious to show this to you. It will open soon enough at Burning Coal Theatre in Raleigh for the Politheatrics festival. Afterward, we’d like to take it to different places – house parties, galleries, clubs, theatres, BBQ’s, really any place that will have us. We feel that this project wants to continue to evolve and get better.

Well, and so do we.

So, if you’d like to have us, we’ll come to you. The piece is specifically built to go most places (electricity willing) and short enough to drink a beer (slowly) during.

We hope to see you soon.