Shack Party

Posted on August 16, 2013 by Haymaker

Pies by Akiva Fox

You’ve probably already heard that we’re hosting a little shindig at our Rehearsal Shack soon. Nothing super fancy, just some tasty food, icy drinks, and a little backyard fun.

You may have asked yourself, what’s the occasion?

Fortunately, we have a blog to answer such questions.

Well, last month, our friends from NEW NOISE, a performance ensemble from New Orleans we met a while back, contacted us. They would be taking their latest show, Runnin’ Down the Mountain, up to White Pines in Philadelphia — the same residency we did with our Elektra Project last summer. Remember, this one? The goal of the residency for NEW NOISE will be to revamp Runnin’ Down the Mountain into a 30 minute “house party” version. They were wondering if we’d be willing to throw a little party in Durham as part of a mini-tour they’ll be doing after the residency.

Host a party?!? SURE!

Because the show is set in Appalachia, we threw around a lot of theme ideas and a lot of venue options. Moonshine? Fried Chicken? Fullsteam? Emily’s backyard? The Shadowbox? Then one night, while sitting in our Rehearsal Shack catching up on some business, someone posed the question – what if we have it right here? What if we invite people to the place where we spend 10-18 hours a week making stuff? You can’t get more behind-the-scenes than that.

And what if we have pie?

Lots of pie.

So may we suggest a no holds barred pie-making contest? The judging panel will consist of representatives from Haymaker and NEW NOISE. Top pies will be selected in any number of categories that we’ll make up on the spot like Best Sweet, Best Savory, Best Purchased, Crowd Favorite, Prettiest, Ugliest, etc. And yes, if the mood strikes us, there will be one winner overall crowned “Haymaker Piemaker.” (Fair warning, we’re a little afraid it will be incredibly hard to beat our resident pie-guy, Akiva (he made all the pies pictured above last Thanksgiving)).

Win or lose, though, we think it will be a hoot!

So, we hope you’ll join us at The Shack, Monday, August 19 from 7-10pm. You can RSVP and enter the Pie-Making Contest here. The performance will start around 8pm and the awards ceremony will take place after.

See you soon!


P.S. Check out this teaser video of Runnin’ Down the Mountain: We’re so stoked to see it!