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-Thanks so much for being here! (Haymaker)
-Who are we? Haymaker, Roles in the room, etc. (Emily)
-Who are you? (performers)
-What are we doing here? History of project, etc. (Akiva)
-What are you doing here? (performers)
-What we’re looking for from you? Expectations, etc. (Dan)


-Walk, breathe, smile
-Pair up. What comes next? (storytelling game)
-Play a game called Vampires, Zombies, Ghosts, Clones. (make it up, play together, there is no winner)


-Read each scene of Phase 1 script
-Would one of your songs pair with any of these scenes? How so?


-Pick one of the following prompts:
1. When did you first realize you were going to die?
2. Tell us about when you wouldn’t give in to great pressure. Preferably, this will be an extended length of time – more than a moment or a minute. Like the time I held up a boulder for six hours so the town of San Pedro could escape certain destruction.
3. Share a story about when you felt invincible.

-Write a 3-5 minute monologue with the intention of performing it for the group. Be descriptive. Chock-full of sensory detail, memory, any conscious thoughts at the time, subconscious motivations (hindsight revelation of course), etc.


-Read scene 10 on our feet
-Perform scene 10 without script, intermingle monologues



-Walk, breathe, smile.
-Patterned walk – The Chase
-Play a game called [ ]. (make it up, play together, there is no winner)

the POOP Prompt

1. Tell us about a shit you took today.
2. Consider starting the story when you first felt the pang of pressure. If there is an associated ritual, please mention that. Please include the progression from first feeling that you need/want to poop, to visiting the bathroom (or wherever), to the act itself, then to wiping, and the sensory details of the waste. Please include the details of flushing, i.e. did you close the lid? What sound did it make? A gurgle perhaps?
3. Conclude the story with how your body felt afterward – be specific about body parts or if your entire body was affected please describe it to the best of your ability.
4. Conclude your story with the statement: Any questions?

***Idea for POOP Prompt comes from Ernest Becker – see text below.


Dying practice solo style: Choose a cause of death. Let this be your ideal death. Say to yourself, “How would I like to die?” And then give us a bit of show and tell. Be so descriptive with your words and your body parts and your movements that we want to die like you. Be a rock star, the Iggy Pop of croaking. ***This exercise is sorta stolen from the Rude Mechs’ “Fixing King John”

Helpful hints:

1. Determine length of time it will take you to go from healthy to dead (Is it seconds? Is it minutes? Days? Years? Decades?).
2. Maybe set the scene? Where are you? When is it? What are you wearing? Etc. etc.
3. When you show us your death, please focus on location of pain, magnitude of pain, physical transformation thanks to pain, and breathing.
4. Maybe die three times? Maybe announce each death: This will be my first death! Or this will be my second time dying! Or something better.
5. Die perfect.


Depict a scene of complete terror from your life. Dan will give helpful hints and/or instructions next week.


We’ll stage Jacob wrestling with the Angel.

***Please be familiar with text below.

POOP Prompt – Ernest Becker “The Denial of Death”
p. 31 –“The anus and its incomprehensible, repulsive product represents not only physical determinism and boundness, but the fate as well of all that is physical: decay and death.”

Jacob and the Angel — At the Beginning 32:23-32 // Everett Fox, The Five Books of Moses

He arose during that night,
took his two wives, his two maids, and his eleven children
to cross the Yabbok crossing.
He took them and brought them across the river; he brought across what belonged to them
And Yaakov was left alone–
Now a man wrestled with him until the coming up of dawn.
When he saw that he could not prevail against him,
he touched the socket of his thigh;
the socket of Yaakov’s thigh had been dislocated as he wrestled with him.
Then he said:
Let me go,
for dawn has come up!
But he said:
I will not let you go
unless you bless me.
He said to him:
What is your name?
And he said: Yaakov.
Then he said: Not as Yaakov/Heel-Sneak shall your name be henceforth uttered,
but rather as Yisrael/God-Fighter, for you have fought with God and men
and have prevailed.
Then Yaakov asked and said:
Pray tell me your name!
But he said:
Now why do you ask after my name?
And he gave him farewell-blessing there.
Yaakov called the name of the place: Peniel/Face-of-God,
for: I have seen God,
face to face,
and my life has been saved.
The sun rose on him as he crossed by Penuel,
and he was limping on his thigh.