Overheard: Elektra Draft 3 Performance Talkback

Posted on September 24, 2013 by Haymaker

We had such a great talkback last night, with some funny, surprising, and very thoughtful comments. We thought we’d share with those who couldn’t make it.

“I’ve never been to a theatrical production where I actually felt nauseous.”

“She was conducting a psychological experiment.”

“Well, I was completely confused by who was who until the last ten minutes, then I was like, okay you are dead and you are dead and that’s why you have eye liner on.”
“Right, red-eyeliner equals ghost.”

“It definitely felt like an initiation into the family.”

“What about Orestes?”
“Fuck Orestes.”

“New title: Hell is Where the Heart Is.”

“I think you could use more jokes.”
“I wrote a whole lot of Elektra jokes, and they got cut!”

“I felt like I was one of the dead children reliving my life as I bled out.”

“That was unexpected.”

“The story was really left out. We understood the relationships really well, just not the story.”

“Some people might not be able to handle this sort of performance.”
“Some people may not like the performance.”

“What are you guys trying to accomplish with this? What is your vision? Are you trying to tell a story?”
“We want to get you close.”

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated, and a special thanks to those who stayed and offered their opinions. See you in March!