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Balloon Breath: this is your fucking gift. – Develop routine

Fountain of Youth — Develop recursion within the scene

Recursion – looping back, recurring, in infinite regressions.

Linguistic recursion – defined as the capacity to embed sentences in other sentences. For many linguists, notably Noam Chomsky, this form of recursion is fundamental to language; it’s recursion that permits extension without limitation and makes language a system characterized by “discrete infinity.” Chomsky theorizes that unlimited extension of a language such as English is possible using the recursive device of embedding phrases within sentences. Thus, a chatty person may say, “Dorothy, who met the wicked Witch of the West in Munchkin Land where her wicked Witch sister was killed, liquidated her with a pail of water.” Clearly, two simple sentences—”Dorothy met the Wicked Witch of the West in Munchkin Land” and “Her sister was killed in Munchkin Land”—can be embedded in a third sentence, “Dorothy liquidated her with a pail of water,” to obtain a very verbose sentence.

Looking for the Fountain of Youth: A tourist is lost in St. Augustine, Florida (character B). A native of St. Augustine (character A) begins the scene.
Part 1
A: You looking for the fountain of youth?
B: Yes – how did you know?
A: You looked like you were looking for the fountain of youth.
B: Can you tell me where it is?
A: It’s got these big gates.
B: But can you tell me where it is?
A: Can I use your phone to make a call?
B: If you tell me what I want to know.
A: Gimme your phone and I’ll tell you what you want to hear.
Part 2
S/he hands the phone.
A: I love the fountain! It’s excitement! It’s money! It’s life! Don’t write that down.
s/he dials a number, shielding the phone from her.
A: Don’t write down that number.
The phone rings. Someone picks up. A cough is heard on the other end. s/he coughs back. A conversation, as if in a secret code of coughs. s/he hangs up.
Part 3
A: You wanna know what I really think? I’ll tell you. Don’t touch that water. It’ll give you disease.
B: Could I please –
A: Hey, can I get some dollars? You give me five or ten dollars, and I’ll tell you things that’ll make the angels come down in light.
B: I don’t have five dollars –
A: Do you believe in God –
B: Give me back my phone –
A: It’s right here!
s/he hands it back.
B: I have to go.
s/he sits down on a bench.
Part 4
A: I’ll tell you what you want to know. I’ll tell you what no one else is going to tell you. About the fountain of youth.
B: What might that be?
A: I can’t tell you over there.
B: What might that be?
A: Either you want the story or you don’t.
B: What can you tell me about the fountain of youth?
A: People are listening – I cannot tell you that far away.
B: Who’s listening?
A: People.
B: Who’s people?
A: People.
Pats the seat next to him.
A: Don’t you want the story?
B: I do, but –
A: OK, come sit right here.
s/he sits.
Part 5
B: What do you have to tell me?
A: You ready?
B: Yes.
A: You gonna write this down?
B: Yes.
A: OK: Everything I told you was a lie. I was lying.
Part 6
B: If you sit on that stump over there, and I sit on this bench over here, will you tell me something true about the fountain?
A: Yes, but you have to ask me questions.
B: Lovely.
A: Now that’s how you interview! Where are you from?
B: I’m asking the questions. Where are you from?
A: St. Augustine, Florida.
B: You’ve lived here all your life?
A: I’ve never lived anywhere but St. Augustine, Florida.
B: How old?
A: I’d rather not say… I did go swimming in the fountain of youth once.
He gets up and starts to move closer.
B: I ask the questions, yes? And you sit on the stump?
A: No, I’m gonna sit here on the bench with you, cause I feel like someone’s gonna walk between us and…
B: Nope, nope, nope…
She crosses and sits on the stump while he’s on the bench.
A: So how long are you in town?
B: I’m asking the questions, yes?
A: What brought you all the way here?
B: I came here to ask questions of the locals!
A: You never even asked me my name!
B: What’s your name?
A: Um…it’s um…Jake…um…Billingsley.
B: Jake … can you show me where the fountain is?
A: Yes I can. Let’s go.
B: Can I call someone else to come with us?
A: No.
B: Can you tell me where it is?
A: Do you want the story, or don’t you?