Posted on October 12, 2015 by Haymaker


Run for your goddamn life

Hold your breath the longest

Wrestle with a bear


1. Write a personal story about a difficult struggle that you’ve overcome. This should be a time when all the odds were against your success. But damnit, you did it. You won.
2. Convert your story into a recipe.
3. Perform your recipe-success story on a cooking show instructing the audience how to recreate your struggle turned success.

Balloon Breath: this is your fucking gift.

1. Blow up a balloon.
2. What’s in the balloon? Maybe let the balloon go flat. Maybe that reminds us of your breath. Maybe it sounds like a fart.
3. Blow up a balloon
4. What’s in the balloon? Maybe don’t let it go flat this time. Maybe preserve your breath in the thin plastic. Maybe tell us why it’s your fucking gift or soul or essence. Maybe tell us about the substance in there. What is it? What’s it do for you? Maybe explain it like we’re 12. Maybe try and sound technical, or not so technical. Just don’t be condescending. We want you to tell us honestly what the hell is in there. It really is a mystery to us. Maybe it goes flat again.
5. Blow up a balloon.
6. What’s in the balloon? Tell us what it means to hold it. To capture it. To turn your breath into a shape and object…a thing that exists in the world just like you do.
7. Maybe keep blowing up balloons. Maybe stop blowing up balloons and die.

James Victore Balloon