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Lindbergh’s Story

Build scenes based on episodes from the life of Charles Lindbergh, who was the first person to fly non-stop across the Atlantic and who later invented the first heart/lung machine.

Lindbergh is shooting across an enormous ocean in a tiny vibrating box alone as he hallucinates immortal beings to cheer him on. He lands in a field full of 150,000 people who carry him on their shoulders for hours. His sister-in-laws heart is failing, and when he visits a biomedical lab, he realizes that fixing the heart is like building an engine again. He lies in the desert, stares up into vastness of the universe and decides to cure death.

“When I am staring at the instruments, during an unearthly age of time, both conscious and asleep, the fuselage behind me becomes filled with ghostly presences — vaguely outlined forms, transparent, moving, riding weightless with me in the plane. I feel no surprise at their coming. There’s no suddenness to their appearance. Without turning my head, I see them as clearly as though in my normal field of vision. There’s no limit to my sight — my skull is one great eye, seeing everywhere at once.

These phantoms speak with human voices — friendly, vapor-like shapes, without substance, able to vanish or appear at will, to pass in and out through the walls of the fuselage as though no walls were there. Now, many are crowded behind me. Now, only a few remain. First one and then another presses forward to my shoulder to speak above the engines noise, and then draws back among the group behind. At times, voices come out of the air in self, clear yet far way, traveling through distances that can’t be measured by the scale of miles; familiar voices, conversing and advising on my flight, discussing problems of my navigation, reassuring me, giving me messages of importance unattainable in ordinary life. The spirits have no rigid bodies, yet they remain human in outline form — emanations from the experience of ages, inhabitants of a universe closed to mortal men.

I realize that values are changing both within and without my mind. For 25 years it’s been surrounded by solid walls of bone, not perceiving the limitless expanse, the immortal existence that lies outside. Is this death? Am I crossing the bridge which one sees only in last, departing moments? Am I already beyond the point from which I can bring my vision back to earth and men? Death no longer seems the final end it used to be, but rather the entrance to a new and free existence which includes all space, all time.”

- Charles Lindbergh, The Spirit of St. Louis


People Unlimited

An Arizona group that believes they can generate physical immortality.

From one of their workshops:

“This human race has to have a quantum leap. A wake-up in the body. Immortality is that quantum leap. I personally feel it’s the next giant step for human kind. You can call it stupid. You can call it funny. You can call it crazy. Every human advancement, there’s been somebody who’s called it crazy. But you know what? I’ve got it in my gut tonight.

I’d rather go for an element of life than just settle in and accept death and go quietly into the night, just be passive, just accept the status quo. I’m tired of the wear and tear on bodies. I’m tired of the sickness, aching and pain in this world. I’m ready for a big change in my body. I’m ready for a passion to flow out of our bodies that swallows up the chemistry of death. That’s something to get excited about! You can jump up with me tonight! It’s ok to jump up and down!

There’s a lot of people that say they’re immortal, but they don’t live being physically immortal. They’ll get an idea of an afterlife or a heaven, but that’s only in their mind. In the body is an innate desire to live forever, so we create an afterlife, we create all kinds of things to make death more palatable, more acceptable. But I can’t make it more acceptable in my own body! There’s a cry that groans out! Let’s wipe out the tyranny of death!

People go through life collecting a few items, putting them in their garage, having garage sales, or just giving it all away and getting new things. And then after all the collecting, there’s death. It doesn’t feel right to me. And anybody who tells you it’s right, I think they’re full of shit. It isn’t right that the older we get, the worse we get; we should be getting better all the time!

It isn’t the years that’s killing us – it’s the stress! It’s all the baggage we’re carrying through life! Get rid of the baggage, and and watch how thriving your body can be!

Thank you for being the body you are! Feel your body tonight. This isn’t spiritual, this isn’t religious – this is physical.

A body in movement cannot die!”


From a person taking one of their workshops:

“I feel! I don’t know what I feel. It’s something. I’ve never been through, my body is making the choice, my body is talking to me, my body is saying so many things! And my mind is fighting it, I know it’s hard for me to accept it. Right now, I don’t know anything! I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about, but please say something to me and make it easier for me!”