Posted on November 16, 2015 by Haymaker


Create a new scene called: Earnestly listen for the voices we can’t hear.

Please read the scene below. It’s from the first draft of our script; an improv on the idea of mediums (a third-party or element through which a message is communicated). Using more improv, silliness, and a bit of faux-pretension, we’ll create a new scene using this older version as a launching point.

Ideas / Images to think about:

-Rules of a séance
-If there are multiple planes of existence, what are the differences in geography, senses, time?
-If you could hear/see/smell something other people couldn’t, what would it be? Or who would it be?
-What would be the point of the communication? Would a young woman be in jeopardy? Would the ghost of her murdered lover try and save her with your (reluctant) help?
-Is there a Heaven?

Talking to the dead through recordings

A loud peal of birdsong. Two brightly-dressed women standing side-by-side. To the side, a sound man with headphones and a recorder.

A: I’m hearing an M. Does anyone have a departed M in their life? Yes? Do you have a question for the departed?
The person has a question.
B: Speak to us, M. Playback, please, Rocky.
Birdsong again.
B: I didn’t quite catch that. Could you play that again?
The two interpreters look at each other in understanding.
A: It’s amazing to me, Martha, that so many people are afraid of the end. And they think it’s going to be a black place and a dark place. And what we’re hearing tonight, folks, is that it’s not. It’s crystalline. Fluffy pillows.
B: Ferns. It’s lovely. I want to go there myself someday.
A: Me too.
B: She’s saying that not everybody makes it, though.
A: It’s not often that those who speak from beyond have anger. They rarely pass the door. But M has a lot of things she needs to say. Go ahead.
More birdsong.
A: Well, first of all she wants to say that she hates tulips and…hide…
B: Hydrangeas!
B: Wow, some sadness in that anger! She is overcome.
A: Do you want me to take this?
B: I’ll feel it, if you would speak it.
A: She had an invention, and like so many women inventors, her invention was co-opted by men.
B: Now, is there anyone else there with her?n
A: Another voice has come into the room. A male voice.
B: Yes.
A: I believe he was referring to this person over here in the corner. He may be someone that you were close to when you were younger.
A: This gentleman figure says that he has some sort of picture hanging in your bedroom?
B: I’m hearing “paneling, paneling, paneling.” Is there paneling in the room?
A: You know, sometimes with spirits that are very old or who haven’t come into contact with mediums of our professional caliber, their ability to speak deteriorates and they can’t form sentences. So that’s why we’re getting one- or two-word answers.
B: Is there something specific about the paneling you want us to know?
B: When you go home, take a soft cloth and wipe in a circular motion – not clockwise but counterclockwise – four times, and something will be revealed to you. He’s not very clear what.
A: Could you say more, sir?
B: A very soft cloth.
B: Oh! Oh! The original designs for M’s invention are behind that paneling!
A: She’s saying that she doesn’t want fame, she just wants you to know. She wants to make the family proud of her.
B: They must go now. Thank you, spirits from beyond, for sharing your stories with us today. We honor your presence in this space.