Haymaker Partners

Our friends and collaborators mean so much to us. Here’s where we show off how beautiful and cool they are!


Allie, company photographer and Durham goddess

My name: Allie Mullin
Fondest memory: I don’t have one in particular, but most of my fond memories involve food and/or music.
Wildest dream:
 I had a dream-within-a-dream once. In one of my recurring dreams I’m driving my minivan erratically on the highway, usually up steep hills and between cars, sometimes while drinking. In this instance I switched cars mid-drive and realized that my van was still in motion, knocking other cars off the highway. I woke up from this nightmare into a regular dream in which I went to my driveway to check on the minivan. The dreams themselves were kind of boring, but to wake up INTO a dream was exciting.
The soundtrack from The Big Chill is pretty solid.
Biggest challenge: 
Not hesitating. Everything I’ve ever regretted has been from resisting my intuition and potential.
Perfect day: 
Morning: meditation, a few hours of editing. Afternoon: time at the park with a book and my journal, a photo adventure of some sort, yoga. Evening: wine, a decadent dinner, live music/dancing, and a root beer float from The Parlour with friends. I try to make this day happen at least twice a month.
First job: 
Barista/pastry wench at Mad Hatter’s. My hair smelled of icing for months.
Favorite play: 
The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, or What Every Girl Should Know by Monica Byrne. The former is bizarre, and the latter has a monologue that I would like to get tattooed on my body.
Light, color, sound, performances so incredible that I have to sit on my hands and bite my lip to keep from joining the artists on stage.
Lady Gaga.
Gilda Radner.
Reading Recommendation: 
May Sarton’s journals, Stephen King’s short story collections.
Last show you saw: 
Little Green Pig’s The Wooster Group’s Diary Of Anne Frank.
What are you wearing: 
Am I supposed to be clever and sassy here? Yoga pants.
I met Haymaker (well, one third of Haymaker, technically) when I was house-sitting. Emily was moving in and we ended up chatting about Durham, and at some point I enthusiastically volunteered to be Haymaker’s photographer. She didn’t think I was nuts, so it all worked out quite well. Or perhaps she did think I was nuts and that’s precisely why I’ve worked with them for so long. Who knows?
Working with Haymaker has been messy! Physically messy, that is-Haymaker is not afraid to get dirty. I tend to stay on the periphery when I work, so it has been a thrill to break out of that. I love that they send me to my creative edge, and Dan in particular pushes me into the center of things.


Amber, model deviser, company hugger, and professional badass

My name: Amber Wood
Fondest memory: Every time I see a sculpture by Louise Nevelson I remember watching Anne Bancroft in The Occupant. Someone in the lobby kept coughing and Bancroft turned to the audience, asked breezily, “Does somebody have a cough drop?” and resumed acting like nothing had happened. Hers remains the most captivating performance I have ever seen.
Wildest dream: I wake up having grown 9″ and can now be cast as Josie in A Moon for the Misbegotten.
Soundtrack: Patty Griffin/Brandi Carlile/Julie Lee.
Biggest challenge: Taking myself seriously.
Perfect day: Saturday in early autumn, all sweatered up, breakfast at Scratch/Foster’s Market with a good friend, farmer’s market for greens and flowers, rehearsal, a good crunch in the leaves, “faux French picnic” while watching my soundtrack live onstage in a field somewhere under a harvest moon.
First job: Cashier at JoAnn Fabrics. I spent 87% of my paychecks in the seasonal clearance aisle.
Favorite play: Letters to John Lennon by Stacey Isom.
Inspiration: The wonderment of children.
Genius: David Wiesner.
Charlatan: Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos.
Hero: Kay Redfield Jamison.
Villain: Maleficent. She’s badass.
Reading Recommendation: Strange Pilgrims, twelve short stories by Gabriel García Márquez.
Last show you saw: Tangles, by the Summer Sisters.
What are you wearing: Too many hairpins.
I met Haymaker while reading food porn.
Working with Haymaker has obliterated my previous notions of what it means to be an actor/creator. It’s a beautiful wreckage. [Alternately: working with Haymaker balances out my day job / rings my bell / amounts to a hill of beans / turns lemons into lemonade / completes me.]


Jade, fabrics designer, maker of beautiful things, wearer of beautiful things

My name: Jade Bettin
Fondest memory: Drifting to sleep to the sounds of my mother sewing in the next room.
Wildest dream: To be employed by Maison Lesage and created beautifully embroidered pieces for couture shows. And then of course sitting in the front row at those shows watching my work come down and runway.
Soundtrack: NPR & WKNC (except on Sundays when they play 2 hours of a capella)
Biggest challenge: Remembering the importance of taking time for myself.
Perfect day: Sleeping till about 10 and then waking up to find a coconut donut and latte on the kitchen table. Whatever else the day brings, if I have that, it’s a pretty good day. Oh and if the weather is a non-humid, 75ish degrees, that helps too.
First job: Walking beans. Which meant I walked down the rows of a bean field early in the morning and pulled out all the weeds.
Favorite play: Desdemona, A Play about a Handkerchief by Paula Vogel.
Inspiration: Looking out for miles across green fields and endless sky at my farm in Iowa.
Genius: Alexander McQueen.
Charlatan: Tommy Hilfiger.
Hero: My mother and grandmother.
Villain: Self-doubt.
Reading Recommendation: Anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but especially 100 Years of Solitude. And the September issue of Vogue.
Last show you saw: Triassic Parq. I still have the Jurassic Park theme song in my head.
What are you wearing: Brown leather oxfords, bright red pants, a green patent leather belt, a Liberty of London shirt, and an opal ring my mother gave me.
I met Haymaker when, I believe, a friend of mine talked me up at a bar to them. And then Dan walked down the hall and caught me in my office at PlayMakers. We’ve been working together ever since.
Working with Haymaker forces me outside my comfort zone and hopefully makes me a better designer.


Shaun, producing stage manager, sane-maker, and all around great person to have in the room

My name: Shaun Jamieson
Fondest memory: My honeymoon.
Wildest dream: Abandon everything, move to a foreign country, and never come back.
Soundtrack: Slow and steady.
Biggest challenge: Overcoming inertia.
Perfect day: tomorrow.
First job: Watching computers count to 100.
Favorite play: Brief and clever.
Inspiration: People standing up for justice and what’s right.
Genius: underrated.
Charlatan: banker.
Hero: individuals.
Villain: institutions.
Reading Recommendation: more frequently.
Last show you saw: The last one I worked.
What are you wearing: Business casual.
I met Haymaker wet and thirsty for beer.
Working with Haymaker is exhausting and rewarding.


Tamara, The Professional

My name: Tamara Kissane
Fondest memory: A tie between seeing my daughter for the first time and partying at my wedding reception
Wildest dream: If you mean actual nighttime dream…I have a reoccuring dream of riding a flaming roller coaster in the midst of a burning carnival. Ten babies are on the roller coaster with me and I am trying to steer us to safety. If you mean “a dream come true,” I will say (shallowly, but truthfully)… becoming a super-famous-overnight-sensation for doing something cool, artistic, and awesome (and maintaining some semblance of normalcy).
Soundtrack: Right now, I’m leaning into silence (which is not really silent, anyway).
Biggest challenge: Not being a crappy wife/mother/friend/family member while maintaining a satisfactory creative life. I’m not very good at this. So, balance, balance, balance is a challenge. And eating with chopsticks. And cutting in a straight line.
Perfect day: Any day without urgency (or perceived urgency) and lots of food to eat that I didn’t shop for, cook, or clean up.
First job: Strawberry picker for very low wages. Then fast food for a long time at Dairy Queen. Ask me to make a cone with the Q on top. I can.
Favorite play: Impossible to answer because there are so many amazing plays out there. At this point in my life, I’m partial to new works, so perhaps my ALL-TIME favorite is yet to come. I have fond memories of Alice in Bed by Susan Sontag and Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes. I really liked brooms: a play about saying yes, written by Cheryl Chamblee and me.
Inspiration: I’m going to die one day…so I better make some good shit happen before then.
Genius: Shakespeare wins this category with no contest, but I’d like to give a shout out (do people still say that?) to the guy who dramatized his conversations with his two year old. Love it.
Charlatan: Me and you and everyone else.
Hero: Sherlock Holmes because he’s brilliant, deeply flawed, yet a force for good. Jeanette Winterson because she writes without a net and makes me feel nauseous in a good way.
Villain: Moriarty. And Congress.
Reading Recommendation: When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams. How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson
Last show you saw: No doubt it was something by Little Green Pig, Common Ground, Manbites Dog Theatre or something with My Pretty Ponies by my daughter.
What are you wearing: Who cares? I’m smiling.
I met Haymaker during LGP’s Richie and then after seeing Draft 1 of Elektra. Yay!
Working with Haymaker, like working with other local companies, is an opportunity for me to build relationships, and to learn more about art-making, process, and my aesthetic, while (hopefully) making a contribution.


Tyler, producer, go-to HELP!er, and future benefactor

My name: Tyler Penfield
Fondest memory: Hopefully still yet to be made.
Wildest dream: Becoming a British aristocrat.
Soundtrack: Jack White hungover on too much whisky.
Biggest challenge: Striving for new inspirations and passions every day.
Perfect day: Probably involves multiple brunches and lots of friends.
First job: Weighing & packing 1 lb. bags of nuts.
Favorite play: The Seagull.
Inspiration: Oscar Wilde.
Genius: Harry Crosby.
Charlatan: Thomas Friedman.
Hero: Batman.
Villain: The wretched coyote-bats of doubt and despair.
Reading Recommendation: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.
Last show you saw: Mitu’s production of JUAREZ.
What are you wearing: a fetching outfit.
I met Haymaker in the dirty womb.
Working with Haymaker inspires and pushes and demands.


This is only a small selection of the brave artists who regularly join us in the room. Thanks go out to those not listed here: Colin Bills, Julianne Harper, Dana Marks, Amelia Meath, Nick Sanborn, Steph Scribner, and Jenavieve Varga. And thanks to the countless others who have joined us on other occasions or whose schedules just haven’t yet matched up! We heart you.