Let’s take this show on the road!

Posted on July 16, 2012 by Haymaker

Hot damn! Our first public performance of What’s that Cost: The Federal Budget and You was a smash! We performed with some pretty great acts and met other artists doing work like ours at Burning Coal’s Politheatrics Festival. The Independent Weekly was extremely generous:

“Haymaker is establishing an intriguing track record for exploring risky, diverse takes on obscure subject matter in their performances.”

Whoa. Yea. That’s awesome.

So, what are we going to do to follow it up?!?

Well, Step 1: re-writes. We are perfectionists, after all, and we always discover new things to explore when we put work in front of an audience and ask them to react to it. So after our Elektra Project retreat, we’ll be making a few changes to the script and then…

Step 2: Perform, perform, perform. We’ve designed this piece specifically to tour. We’ve created What’s that Cost with the goal in mind of performing it 30 to 50 times before the end of 2012 in at least 10 different venues. House parties, galleries, clubs, theaters, corporate meeting rooms, convention halls, and schools, we’re willing to take it anywhere – anywhere that will have us – anywhere that will expose us to new audiences – and anywhere that will pay for it. (Hey, it’s nicknamed “The Budget Show” for more than one reason!)

Do you have a place we can perform?

Drop us a line and let’s make it happen.