Posted on July 18, 2013 by Haymaker

Oh, hey there, Friend! Long time no blog!

We have to fess up. We have been cheating on GoHaymaker.com with another blog.


It’s our joint blog with our good friends PearlDamour.

On it, we’re logging our ongoing conversations with them as a part of this really cool Exchange grant we received. During the 10-month Exchange, we’re meeting in Durham, New Orleans, and New York, NY to hang out and talk about art. (More formally, we could say, we plan on engaging in dialogue to learn from each other, meet each other’s artistic communities, and develop a relationship that will last for years to come.)

Last month during Summit 1, Katie and Lisa joined us for four days in lovely Durham, NC. We shared our current works-in-progress (What’s That Cost for Haymaker and Milton for PearlDamour). We had a party for our theater community that included spoken-word-karaoke. And we visited Milton, NC, one of the five towns of Milton Katie and Lisa are visiting as part of their piece. There we met a three-legged dog, ate pizza at Aunt Millie’s, and got invited to sing karaoke at the local lake-side bar!

Oh, and we gabbed — a lot. We talked about our company histories. About strategies for business and art. And we started a dialogue that we’re really excited to continue about how we connect our work with the audience we want to see it.

You can read all about the weekend on HelloAudience.

We’ll update that website as the Exchange continues over email, phone, and then again, when we’re back together in New Orleans in November.

We hope you’ll come on over and say “Hello.”


Special thanks to Fullsteam, PlayMakers Repertory Company, Tyler Penfield, Shadowbox, Chris Vitiello for helping make this weekend happen.