Haymaker Over the Airwaves

Posted on December 5, 2012 by Haymaker

Photo by Jon Haas

Been a while since you heard us? Now’s your chance: at noon today, we’ll be on your radio or internet. North Carolina’s WUNC 91.5 has invited us on their show The State of Things to talk about what we’re doing these days.

We’ve been wrestling this play called 70 Scenes of Halloween for the last six weeks, and it’s been a real wrestle. It looks at a marriage that’s falling apart from every angle you could imagine, from the mundane to the supernatural. We sweat out a few pounds a night performing the play, but we love how funny and strange it is. It’s a blast to perform and to watch. It’s at Manbites Dog Theater through December 15th – come down and see it some time.

Now, 70 Scenes of Halloween isn’t a Haymaker production; we don’t usually work from existing scripts, and we don’t usually make shows in six weeks. But it came to us from our friend Adam Sobsey, who saw it when he was 16 years old and decided then and there to start writing plays of his own. It turns out that the production he saw was the first show ever from Manbites Dog, who were so welcoming to us when we arrived in Durham (they presented our Living With the Tiger). We thought it would be a cool gesture to remount that first play for the company’s 25th birthday this year. This production lets us thank Jeff Storer and Ed Hunt for what they’ve done for theater in the Triangle, and for their kindness to us as we were starting up. And it lets us sharpen our skills on a great experimental play, while working with more outside collaborators. We’ll talk more about why we decided to take on a fully-written script on the program.

So tune your transistor to 91.5 at noon or nine, or find us after the fact at wunc.org/tsot. And then grab a ticket to see us in person at Manbites Dog Theater now through December 15. Get your tickets online (http://www.manbitesdogtheater.org/403/), by phone (919.682.3343), or at the door (703 Foster Street, Durham).