From Behind the Lens

Posted on October 6, 2013 by Haymaker

From, oh, day three on the ground in Durham, we’ve been blessed to have Allie Mullin on our team. As our resident photographer and super-fan, Allie has been in the room with us as a collaborator on press photos, as a photographic archivist, and as an audience member.  A week after the 3rd draft performance of our Elektra Project, we thought it would be interesting to get her take on Elektra so far.

“Be intense. Be committed.” -Dan’s directions to the actors before Draft 3 of Elektra.

It is very interesting to watch Haymaker’s process. Dan, Emily and Akiva have chopped convention into bits and rebuilt Elektra. The play, in their hands, has gone from a Greek tragedy to a boxing match to a never-ending day to a roomful of angry ghosts and back again.

This isn’t your typical play. The line between audience and performance is blurred. I’m drawn in as I watch, forcing me to shed my fly-on-the-wall photographer perspective. We get close, so close that tears are falling on my camera (mine and the actors’). Emotions I thought I had compartmentalized ages ago are rushing through my body: rage, sadness, even a touch of nostalgia.

This play unfolds much in the way our lives do: in chaos.

We walk in to be shown a new world, and to hold a mirror up to ourselves.

We walk away with more questions than answers.

What makes a play? Is it the characters, the plot, the set design, or simply the feelings that come up?

What kind of story do we want to see, and does it match the one that is told?

What do we see in ourselves when we experience a performance? And what about seeing that on stage makes us so damned uncomfortable?

You can see more of Allie’s awesome work on her website, as well as her documentation of Haymaker’s journey from our hipster band photoshoot to our Tiger vs. Mr. T party to our Field Trip to the Carolina Tiger Preserve to our Elektra press photoshoot to our 2nd draft performance of Elektra. Wow, Allie, you make us look pretty cool! Thanks!