The Budget Show

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Haymaker


The United States Federal Budget takes your money, divides it up unfairly, and then spends that hard-earned cash on frivolous things like missiles and food stamps. The United States Federal Budget connects you to me, responds to the needs of 313 million Americans, and remembers your grandparents’ greatest fears. The 2011 United States Federal Budget reported taking in $2.3 trillion, spending $3.6 trillion, and running a deficit of $1.3 trillion. Haymaker investigates.

Created by Akiva Fox, Emily Hill, and Dan VanHoozer
Performed by Akiva Fox and Dan VanHoozer
Directed by Emily Hill

With special thanks to Jade Bettin, Burning Coal Theatre Company, Cara Clark, Jerome Davis, Duke University Development, Julia Fiore, Sid Fowler, Ed Hunt, Madeline James, Shaun Jamieson, Manbites Dog Theater, Dana Marks, Allie Mullin, Jay O’Berski, Jeremy Parker, Charles Phaneuf, Raleigh Little Theater, Tim Scales, Jeff Storer, and Megan Thrift


Past Performances

Part of the Quasimodo
September 4, 2012
In conjunction with the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

Private Performance
August 14, 2012
Duke University – Office of University Development, Durham, NC

Politheatrics Festival
June 28 – July 1, 2012
Burning Coal Theatre Company, Raleigh, NC

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