The Elektra Project

Posted on May 14, 2012 by Haymaker



Written by

Luís Alfaro
Jade Bettin
Leah Gibson
Julianne Harper
Hugo von Hofmannsthal
Susannah Hough
Mao Hu
Shaun Jamieson
Max Kaufman
Lisa Keaton
Dana Marks
Ellen McLaughlin
Amelia Meath
Ezra Pound
Kashif Powell
Andrea Ryan
Nick Sanborn
Amelia Sciandra
Steph Scribner
Alex Smith
Richard Strauss
Megan Thrift
Chase Varga
Jenavieve Varga
Jenny Wales
Amber Wood
…and likely others we’ve forgotten to list…


Past Development Events





Scenes from Elektra
When: July 2012
Where: Elkins Estate, Philadelphia, PA

Haymaker’s first exploration of its Elektra Project brought audience to Clytemnestra’s dinner table and into Elektra’s mind. Residency sponsored by White Pines Productions.




Draft #1 Presentation
When: January 2013
Where: Swain Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

As part of its residency with The Process Series at UNC-Chapel Hill, Haymaker put audiences face-to-face with the violence of Eletkra. What does it take to cause violence?








Draft #2 Presentation
When: April 2013
Where: Swain Hall, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC

“Ugh, I wish my mom would die.” In the second draft of it’s Elektra Project during The Process Series, Haymaker explored the complex and volatile relationship between Eletkra and her mother.





Draft #3: Presentation
When: September 2013
Where: The Trotter Building, Durham, NC

Warning: You will be standing and may be physically touched during the performance. You may be asked to hold a weapon. Please keep your hands free of personal items. Featuring Susannah Hough, Max Kaufman, Lisa Keaton, and Amber Wood.