An octopus walks into a bar and says…

Posted on February 3, 2012 by Haymaker

Our next show is about the Federal Budget.

Here’s the skinny…

The year we spent creating Living with the Tiger allowed us to wander freely through our artistic and creative imagination. We had no logistical restrictions, except for the performance date and location. The only artistic restriction we had was that the three of us alone would perform it. This meant we could explore every avenue and sink into the artistic process without self-imposed limitations. We allowed ourselves the complete freedom to take Tiger in any direction it wanted to go. We learned a lot about how we worked and what we wanted to say with our work in the process.

This time around, constrained a bit more by time, we’ve decided to play around with that freedom. We’ve given ourselves a set of limitations in creating this new piece– some for practical reasons, but also in an attempt to challenge ourselves again to think about how we make things and how we want to make things. Here’s what we’ve set before us for the first draft:

- Create a piece about the United States Federal Budget

- Explore “presentation” as performance

- A time limit of 20min

- One performer

- An octopus has to show up

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Haymaker show without source materials:

We don’t know what all that means either yet – but we’re really excited for the possibilities!