Posted on September 21, 2011 by Haymaker


Freedom, Love, Hate, Sacrifice, Messiness, Desperation, Brutality, Community, Get rich quick!, Violence. A thousand words, songs, poems, movies, books, etc. describe our Grand Experiment. Everyone’s America! is their own ideal. Like our country, that fact is both perfect and broken.

Our play is very much about the three of us trying to find out how we fit here while simultaneously attempting to come to a common ground on what we’ve seen and continue to experience. We’ve had to ask ourselves more than once what exactly America! is to us. We keep coming back to two words, pursuit and possibility, and the idea that what has always felt most like America! to each of us is “the road.”

Coming to these realizations, we recently asked our friend HannaH to help us finish Living with the Tiger. Specifically, we’ve asked her to help make a road trip possible in the theater, and to and lend her thoughts on America! She’s been traveling all across this land of ours for the past three months. So we thought it might be nice to have a guest to describe the America! she’s seen and experienced with a mix tape for you to listen to:

“The road is sound. Constant sound set by speed. Speed creates rhythm which is followed by a collage of melodies arranged by the passing cars, the sights that slowly come into full scale view and pass in a blur of shape and color, the light that falls through the trees dancing on the windshield, the characters that populate the sidewalks, and of course, the yellow line. And in that moment when all of this syncs up… music in motion. RoadMotion. Hear it?”

Songs for RoadMotion America

For more on HannaH’s adventures, visit her Tumblr page.