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Posted on July 23, 2013 by Haymaker

A long story for a short prompt: We wanted some of our collaborators to introduce themselves to you all via the blog. So we developed this series of questions, like any self-respecting ‘zine would. But then, we realized, gee, we can’t make people distill themselves into a few simple answers without doing it ourselves.

Fair is fair.


My name: Akiva Fox

Fondest memory: Putting on shows in the living room for my parents growing up. Maybe not their fondest memory. The shows were of, uh, variable quality.
Wildest dream: Playing first base for the Boston Red Sox. Still holding out hope on that one.
Soundtrack: Bach Cantatas and Parliament Funkadelic.
Biggest challenge: Making conversation.
Perfect day: Spending all day making something that moves someone else. With regular breaks for ice cream.
First job: Dating service telemarketer.
Favorite play: Hamlet, godammit.
Inspiration: The Muppet Show.
Genius: Some ratio of inspiration to perspiration, I’m told.
Charlatan: Someone selling a system.
Hero: Spider-man does a lot of good work.
Villain: Vladimir Putin. Wasn’t he in one of the Rambo movies?
Reading Recommendation: Anything Yeats wrote in his 70s.
Last show you saw: Sylvan Esso at the Pinhook.
What are you wearing: Twenty-year-old clothes, mostly.
I met Haymaker in bars.
Working with Haymaker is very American.


My name: Emily (Boodey Boodey Krackenberger) Hill

Fondest memory: ABC gum from my mom picking me up from daycare on her bike when I was 4 years old.
Wildest dream: Owning a cabaret bar that I headline every night.
Soundtrack: Yes please, I would like one.
Biggest challenge: Not being judgmental.
Perfect day: The day I wake up and all my friends and family are living within a 50 mile radius.
First job: Shoveling shit. (Isn’t that everyone’s first job?) In my case, it was horse.
Favorite play: I hate playing favorites. <–but I love puns!
Inspiration: Watching any live performance. The ocean.
Genius: Cindy Sherman.
Charlatan: Dr. Phil.
Hero: I don’t like this word, is that a sinister thing to say?
Villain: Westboro Baptist Church.
Reading Recommendation: Demons in the Spring, Joe Meno.
Last show you saw: Vogue Men’s Fashions, by Urban Garden Performing Arts.
What are you wearing: Business weird.
I met Haymaker at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, DC.
Working with Haymaker challenges me to be creative, generous, and honest.


My name: Daniel Sebastian VanHoozer, aka “Dan” , “Hooz”, “Dan-O!”, “Dandelion”

Fondest memory: There’s not a winner.
Wildest dream: I can’t remember my dreams.
Soundtrack: Currently, it’s a mash-up of Wu-Tang and Jimi Hendrix.
Biggest challenge: Slowing down.
Perfect day: Rise early, read, run, eat well, play with the pup, drink great coffee, be with Amy, take a nap, watch a movie, “quality time”.
First job: Mopping the floors of a gunsmith’s shop.
Favorite play: Seascape by Edward Albee.
Inspiration: Love and Death.
Genius: Alexander Calder.
Charlatan: [insert name of TV Evangelist].
Hero: That 19-year old kid who has no idea he’s taking a bullet so that I can have my perfect day (see above).
Villain: Lazy fucking cowards (see: Anyone who will go out of their way to always “be right.”)
Reading Recommendation: Butcher’s Crossing or Stoner by John Williams.
Last show you saw: Vogue Men’s Fashions by Urban Garden Performing Arts.
What are you wearing: Shorts and a Tom Waits tee.
I met Haymaker in DC.
Working with Haymaker makes me better.

Thanks for learning more about us! Now we want to know more about you. Send your answers to howdy[at]gohaymaker[dot]com. We’re all friends!